Frequently asked questions

Is Green House Resort a Private or a Public Resort?

Green House Resort is a Private Resort located at San Pedro 2 Magalang, Pampanga. Approximately 1 hour drive from Manila (Angeles Exit)

If we are checked in, will there be other guests at the same time?

For guest's exclusivity, Green House only accommodates one group per day or schedule. Regardless of the type of package booked, the whole resort will still only be for the scheduled guests use.

How about food?

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner exclusively! Send us a message for our carefully selected menu options. Guest's also have the liberty to bring and cook their own food. Use of kitchen including drinking water and basic utensils for just a minimum fee.

What about KTV?

Videoke is available for guest's use from up to 10:00PM only (city ordinance).

Can we do an ocular visit?

Green House Resort is available for ocular visit daily at 8AM-7PM.

Alcoholic beverage corkage?

None but, guests can request to buy drinks/booze viewed in our bar.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! Just keep an eye on them.

About Us

Located at San Pedro II Purok 7 Magalang, Pampanga. Spend some well-deserved leisure time with friends and family in our home made exclusive for you. For your every occasion whether it be reunions, birthdays, team-building or just a lovely vacation, come and stay with us!

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